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Electric Pallet Jacks For Every Pallet-Handling Application.

Electric pallet jacks, also known as pallet stackers, lifters or pallet jacks, are used to safely lift and move pallets. Ideal for smaller jobs that don’t require the use of a full-sized forklift, electric pallet jacks utilize an electrical energy source to jack up, push or pull a pallet. Most pallet trucks are equipped with a set of fork blades operated by a hydraulic system and wheels that make it possible to easily move and lift pallets. Here are some benefits of electric pallet jacks.

One benefit of electric pallet jacks is their ability to cover huge distances in a short period of time. When warehouse workers need to haul inventory pallets across a large warehouse, motorization allows the operator to ride on the jack while transporting loads quickly from one place to another. Because of electric pallet jack efficiency, employee productivity is also increased.

Full Electric Pallet Jack With Emergency Key Switch 3300lbs Cap. 48" x27"

Fully Electric Walkie Powered Pallet Jack with Lithium Battery
3300lbs Cap. 48" x27"

Electric Walkie Pallet Jack 4400lbs 48" x27"

Electric Pallet Jack
3300lbs Cap. 48" x27"

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